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Les trésors du Dr. Dubius ("The Treasures of Dr. Dubius")


Welcome to the world of Dr. Dubius! My shrink keeps telling me my name is André Dubois, co-founder and programmer of the Fantasia Film Festival — but I know the truth. A wacky imagination and a sense of wonder reside in a dark corner of my mind, a secret part of my personality that I call… The Dubius. And my task in life is to unleash upon the unsuspecting world my mastery of Japan’s marvelous monster movies and its countless costumed superheroes!

Masked superheroes basically come from three distinct counties, the United States, Mexico and Japan. Sure, Europeans have their share of famous heroes — Tintin, Asterix Bob Morane — but they generally don’t run around in tights or hide their identities behind masks. The masked vigilante originated with Zorro and with the likes of Batman, the Shadow and countless other pulp-era mystery men, who set the stage for the iconic American superhero of the post-war era. In Mexico, it’s the professional wrestlers who took over the comic books and the cinema of the fantastic (remember El Santo, the man in the silver mask who starred in 50 feature films on his own). In Japan, meanwhile, technology is the source of its superheroes’ amazing powers.

One might think that America has generated the greatest number of costumed crime-fighters for screens big and small. It is however Japan that has that honour, invading its television circuits with the largest array of superheroes anywhere! Every year since 1966, which witnessed the debut of the hugely successful Ultraman, Japanese fans have seen the arrival of colourful new superheros to dazzle the imagination. This is the genre that we will explore together, from the first Japanese superhero to appear on the silver screen, Supergiant (better known as Starman on this side of the Pacific Ocean), to the very latest masked Riders!

Every Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, discover the Japanese delights through TV clips and even entire episodes, accompanied by the knowledgeable live commentary of yours truly, Dr. Dubius! Three free-of-charge events to which one and all are welcome, so come discover a cavalcade of costumed combat, colourful creatures and complete craziness care of… Dr. Dubius!

— Dr. Dubius