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Canadian Premiere
WINNER: Titra Award and RTS Audience Award, Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival

“As intense as it is hilarious... this one definitely delivers” — DREAD CENTRAL

In a small Irish village where life mostly revolves around fishing and rounds of Guinness, the arrival of Lisa, a policewoman who is, let’s be honest, rather uptight, perturbs the daily tranquility. This is a disaster for Ciaran, her partner for whom working drunk constitutes the norm, who vows to do whatever he can to make his stuck-up yet beautiful colleague sweat. However, a recent meteor crash has activated his demons that, while owing nothing to alcoholic delirium, will aggravate both Ciaran and his community’s headache. At first, fishermen start to vanish, followed by lacerated whales washing up on shore. When a villager brings back a monster found in a lobster trap (which he had to kill due to its aggressiveness), the incompatible duo has to collaborate on a surreal case that will lead them to discover the impossible: an invasion of enormous, blood-thirsty amphibious aliens. With the help of the village scientist, Ciaran and Lisa discover that the ingestion of the alcohol-affected blood causes irreversible damage to these undesirable creatures. A ‘genius’ plan presents itself: assemble all fellow citizens at the pub for a massive drink-fest and staggering fight for survival.

Is it possible to find a cooler premise than a bunch of Irish needing to get drunk in order to defeat giant leeches from space? Director Jon Wright and screenwriter Kevin Lehane don’t shy away from using Ireland’s oldest cliché as the basis for a horror/sci-fi comedy tinged with romanticism and filled with gags delivered at hyper-speed. GRABBERS gives us deadpan British humour at its best, fueled by vivid dialogue and zany interactions between colourful characters brought to life by irreproachably solid performances. In this case, Richard Coyle, star of the English remake of PUSHER, leads the ball with contagious enthusiasm. Unlike many sub-genre comedies, GRABBERS does not solely focus on the hilarious as it delivers moments of pure tension and benefits from special effects that are surprising for this type of production, courtesy of Shaune Harrison, recent HARRY POTTER collaborator. Run to the screening of this Sundance 2012 favourite as GRABBERS may very well be to creature features what SHAUN OF THE DEAD was to zombie flicks.

— Nicolas Archambault