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Turn Me On, Goddammit! ("Fa meg pa, for faen")

Quebec Premiere
  • Norway
  • 2011
  • 76 mins
  • 35mm
  • Norwegian
  • English (subtitles)
2011 Top Ten Directors to Watch, VARIETY
WINNER: Independent Distribution Award for Best Debut Film, International Rome Film Festival 2011
WINNER: Best European First Feature, Mon International Love Film Festival 2012
WINNER: Best Screenplay, Tribeca Film Festival 2012

“A dry, sweet, dirty-minded tale” — Andrew O’ Hehir, SALON.COM

“Smart, honest, and ruthlessly funny” — Ken Eisner, GEORGIA STRAIGHT

Alma is a normal teenager, hangs with her friends, finds ways to buy beer, dreams of escaping the smallish village she lives in for a cool life in Oslo like her friends’ big sister. And she has a major crush on a neighbouring boy, Artur. Except that she has raging hormones that give her an unquenchable libido. Coupled with her vivid imagination, she spends her days having sex fantasies that go from sweet to completely outlandish. With no chances of acting on them with Artur, as the two are painfully shy, she’s stuck with masturbating to a phone sex line she calls so often that the chat host knows her personally. At a party, Artur expresses his interest in a rather original way. When she relates to her friends, matter-of-factly, that he “poked her with his dick” and he’s confronted about it, he denies firmly. Through the efforts of her jealous frenemy, she becomes Dick Alma, the school’s social outcast. Things just get worse at home when her mom discovers the outrageously expensive monthly phone bill and she gets caught stealing a porn magazine. Can things ever get better, when you live in a shitty town, even your best friend doesn’t want to be seen with you and your mom doesn’t know what to do with you anymore?

Every year sees its load of films having the obsessive sexuality of teen boys as the central theme, but it’s very rare that the subject is explored with girls. It’s indeed so shocking for the general public to be confronted with the fact that young girls want to get laid too that the film was recently almost banned from screening in an Alabama theatre (the decision was reversed after the controversy became an international news item). But this is very far from the sort of AMERICAN PIE comedy. With the woman’s touch of Director Jannicke Systad Jacobsen, working from a novel by Olaug Nilssen (which was also adapted to the theatre in 2007), this is finally a film with a real female point of view, made only better with its typically Scandinavian frankness. TURN ME ON, GODDAMMIT! is a sincere, charming and slyly funny film that explores the awkwardness of being a different teenager, not knowing how to express your feelings and handle this new thing called Having a Sex Life.

— Stephanie Trepanier