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Lloyd the Conqueror

Quebec Premiere
  • Canada
  • 2011
  • 96 mins
  • HD
  • English
Hosted by Writer/Director Michael Peterson and Actor Mike Smith
Official Selection, Victoria Film Festival 2012

Dungeon Works Productions & H.M.M.A.C. present
Lloyd the Conqueror After-Party heavy metal LARP
with special guests VALFREYA
July 22nd @ Piranha Bar

“Hilarious… nerdy humour so dense it is almost aromatic” – Benjamin Ross Hayden, PRESS + 1

“Bravely exposes the mysterious and wild world of LARPING and finds it to be sweet, funny and very entertaining" — John Landis, director of ANIMAL HOUSE, AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, THE BLUES BROTHERS

Don your cardboard breastplates and raise high your foam-rubber broadswords, ye warriors of the weekend! The mythic realm of the LARPer — the live-action role-player — at last receives the cinematic celebration it deserves! Lloyd (Evan Williams of “Degrassi: The Next Generation”) could lose his financial aid if he and his goofball buddies Patrick and Oswald don’t pass the Medieval Literature class at their community college. The teacher, the sinister Derek (Mike Smith, best known as Bubbles on “Trailer Park Boys”), offers them a devil’s bargain — to get the A’s they need, they must emerge victorious in the local LARP league’s upcoming tournament. Knowing nothing of the lore and legendry of LARP culture (things Derek, tyrant of the league’s dark side, is happy to twist to his own diabolical ends), the hapless trio find their fortunes rising when they’re joined by the furious fists of fetching self-defense instructor Cassandra and the wise and noble White Wizard — who moonlights as Andy, the local gamer shop manager (Brian Posehn of “The Sarah Silverman Show”). They’ll need all the help they can get in leading the Forces of Light in their final battle against the Lords of Chaos!

Stuffed with memorable messages about love, friendship, determination and the correct technique for launching magic tinfoil lightning-bolt spells, the wry but affectionate LLOYD THE CONQUEROR mines more gags out of LARPing than a thousand dwarves could dig out of Mount Moria. The comedy kicks come on as fast and crazy as a blood-frenzied berserker, but never insultingly — the fun and camaraderie of the LARP scene is communicated as clearly as its more questionable characteristics. A solid and satisfying nugget of Canadian indie cinema from first-time feature filmmaker Mike Peterson of Calgary, LLOYD THE CONQUEROR’s clever script is enhanced by a cast boasting a number of comedy notables — Smith, noted nerd-culture/metalhead herald Posehn, FUBAR’s David Lawrence, HALF BAKED’s Harland Williams (in Vulcan ears!) and stand-up comic Darcy Michael as, um, a unicorn. And there’s the soundtrack, ripping it up with tunes by toasted Canadian hard-rockers 3 Inches of Blood, Barn Burner, C’mon, Bison B.C. and Trigger Effect. But enough jibber-jabber — let us storm the gates of the Fantasia festival and witness the funniest fantasy adventure in this kingdom or any other!

— Rupert Bottenberg