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Cold Blooded

Quebec Premiere
  • Canada
  • 2012
  • 87 mins
  • HD
  • English
Hosted by Writer/Director Jason Lapeyre

A jewelry store robbery has turned sour, leaving one of the masked burglars dead in a downtown Toronto alley and another one in a coma — and a bunch of diamonds missing in action. A young, athletic policewoman (a solid Zoie Palmer, from DEVIL) is sent to the local hospital to guard the comatose thief’s room for the night. Cordero (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Ryan Robbins), the aforementioned petty criminal, soon wakes up, and tries to talk his way out of his uncomfortable position and to escape the medical facility. However, Holland (William MacDonald of SLITHER and last year’s EXLEY), his boss, is one bad mother, a real psychopath, and he’s coming to get Cordero. And he won’t stop until he gets his valuable rocks and until he knows who killed Danny Boy (SUCK’s Chris Ratz). Burglars, cops, doctors, jewellers… Who’s right and who’s wrong? There are only shades of grey to this awesome, polished gem.

Following his 2011 documentary film FACELESS, Jason Lapeyre impresses with his narrative feature debut — his latest film, I DECLARE WAR, just won a couple of prizes at ActionFest 2012 and he co-produced his ex-Rue Morgue colleague Jovanka Vuckovic’s short film THE CAPTURED BIRD, which is also screening at Fantasia this year. With an minimal budget, Lapeyre efficiently uses his main location, a mostly abandoned hospital. His colourful yet believable characters uniformly give all they have in their quest for survival and justice. Between KILL BILL’s Bride and DEXTER’s Debra, Palmer shines as a cute, tough and driven cop. While loads of red blood cells will be staining the hospital’s white tiles before the ending credits roll, the film’s violence feels definitely real. Forget RESERVOIR DOGS’ ear-slicing trick, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Gorgeously shot (by "Fear Itself"’s Alwyn Kumst) and subtly scored (MONSTER BRAWL’s Todor Kobakov — plus some music by Scratch Bastid!), this psychological and downright visceral thriller will have you on the edge of your seat for the whole course of its rollercoaster ride. Witty and gritty stuff, perfect for the Tarantino aficionados.

— Kristof G.