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Easton’s Article

International Premiere
  • USA
  • 2012
  • 100 mins
  • HD
  • English
Hosted by Director Tim Connery and Producer Lisa Nachtman.

Official Selection, Seattle Film Festival 2012

“Makes the most of its limited budget by packing it full of big ideas" — SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

It’s 1997, the eve of the new millennium. Pioneers with big hopes and dreams are exploring every corner of a recently discovered, entirely untamed frontier. This invisible territory was the distinction of being found on no map. To reach it, one has but to turn one’s computer on. Christened “the Internet”, this virtual land is alive with secrets just waiting to be revealed. Computer engineer Easton Dunning has just come across one of them. He through the web held no more surprises, but this startling discovery distresses him, sparking an investigation that draws him a past he long ago shut out. Easton returns to the town of his birth where he reconnects with Hayley, his ex-wife. She’s the only one he trusts, and so reveals to her the strange reason for his return. A message from the future has traveled through time and circuitry to him — his own obituary, announcing Easton’s death under mysterious circumstances. The dateline of the article is fast approaching and the pair will do anything to avert the inevitable. A race against the clock has begun.

Something’s hiding under the snow in EASTON’S ARTICLE. Not some monstrous creature but rather buried memories that an improbable occurrence has shook to the surface. While certainly a work of fantasy cinema, the debut feature from Tim Connery is also a wintry drama that echoes Atom Egoyan’s THE SWEET HEREAFTER. The director foregrounds the conflicted links between his characters, betraying an astute grasp of human complexity, and has assigned these role to actors of superior skill. Chad Mayer in particular delivers a nuanced and natural performance in the lead role. Taking place right at the roots of the Internet age, EASTON’S ARTICLE also offers enough references to the now-antiquated tech of the time to please any chiphead, or for that matter fans of Shane Carruth’s PRIMER. Above all, however, it’s a suspense film of the first order, a nail-biter right through to its troubling conclusion. The closer Easton and Hayley get to the truth, the firmer the grip of this intriguing and emotionally rich tale. A true labour of love, it promises a bright future for filmmaker Tim Connery — if not its central character.

— Simon Laperrière