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Dead Bite ("Gancore Kud")

Canadian Premiere
  • Thailand
  • 2011
  • 95 mins
  • HD
  • Thai
  • English (subtitles)
Official Selection, New York Asian Film Festival 2012

Fancy a funny genre comedy overflowing with gorgeous Playboy bunnies in bikinis and some kind of flesh-eating mermaid monsters, starring Thai hip hop star Joey Boy with his Gancore Club rap crew as themselves? That’s right, y’all — a Thai underwater zombie movie in which a crew of silly, tattooed hip hop heads go on a boat cruise with a bunch of hard-bodied babes, before checking out the beach of some mysterious yet heavenly island. Of course, boys will be boys and, since we’re in B-movie territory, blood with flow freely — just like H.G. Lewis used to do it.

For those who are into rap, Euro-trash-film (old-school and new stuff too, like DEAD SNOW) and/or brain-dead monster films like PIRANHA 3D, there is plenty to love here. In its own silly WAYNE’S WORLD kind of way, DEAD BITE could be seen as a hilarious CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST homage (look out for the harpooned guy!), complete with hand-held home-movie sequences. It even winks at the amphibious, anthropophagous Nazi dudes from SHOCK WAVES while paying its dues to classics like JAWS and several other cult flicks (oddly, there is even a big ugly guy that looks exactly like James Bond’s Jaws!). Did we tell you there are some ghostly hip hop fans, a man-swallowing shark, ironic news bulletins and a bunch of ultra-violent, hatchet-wielding hillbillytribesmen as well? Oh, and the biggest bearded zombie you will ever see. Seriously.

Please note that first-time director Joey Boy (AKA Apisit Opasaimlikit) is also an established rapper in his country (he has previously worked with Black Eyed Peas’, who also starred in a few productions including VINYAN (from Fabrice Du Welz; CALVAIRE) and HEADSHOT. Right up to the intense, rainy, blood-spattered climax, Joey Boy has crammed together a crap-load of action, inventive camera work, hallucinations, video games jokes, explosions, hacked limbs, cheesy romance... In a nutshell, straight-up crazy, gory fun for the midnight crowd. With DEAD BITE, JoeyBoy reinvents the living-dead film the way the Spierig Brothers did with UNDEAD (Fantasia 2003). Big beats, big boobs, big laughs and bucketfuls of blood. What more do you need?

— Kristof G.