The Fantasia Industry Rendez-Vous

Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival, widely acclaimed as one of the largest and most influential genre film festivals in the world, is embarking on its 16th edition with a major new industry-driven venture: The Fantasia Industry Rendez-Vous.

The Industry Rendez-Vous will feature the new Frontières International Co-Production Market. Frontières is the first international co-production market to connect North-American with Europe and Australasia, in an environment focused specifically on genre film production.

It will also include the Fantasia Film Market, making its official debut in 2012 to support the sales efforts of the features that will be part of the festival’s programming.

The Industry Rendez-Vous will be held from July 26th to the 29th 2012, within the 3-week body of the Fantasia Festival. Over the course of these four days, a Frontières pitch session, various meeting sessions and networking cocktails will be held, and a series of conferences has been organized to assemble the participants around current industry topics. These events will be coupled with the regular Fantasia schedule of public screenings and parties.

The Industry Rendez-Vous Meeting and Conference Rooms, as well as the Accreditations Office and Video Screening Room are located on the 7th Floor of the Concordia University Hall Building (1455 De Maisonneuve West.

Frontières: The Fantasia International Co-Production Market

The projects to be presented in the market feature an exciting array of filmmakers, from gifted newcomers to world-renowned maestros, as well as numerous established international producers. The selection of the first edition of Frontières will consist of the following 14 projects:

  • BLOOD BORNE (Australia)
    Director - Writer: Fin Edquist
    Producer: David Rapsey (Rogue Production)
  • DARK HOLLOW (New Zealand)
    Director: Paul Campion
    Writers: Paul Campion & Paul Finch, based on a book by Brian Keene
    Producers: Leanne Saunders & Daniel Warwick (Chameleon Pictures)
  • KEEP QUIET (Mexico)
    Director - Writer: Jorge Michel Grau
    Producer: Mayra Espinosa Castro
  • M (Australia)
    Director: Jon Hewitt
    Writers: Jon Hewitt & Belinda McClory
    Producer: Lizzette Atkins (Unicorn Films), Executive Producer: Richard Stewart
  • PANDEMONIUM (France)
    Director: Abel Ferry
    Writer: Eric Rondeaux
    Producer: Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin (Paprika Films)
    Directors - Writers: Catherine Linstrum & David-John Newman
    Producers: Brian Coffey & Gillian Berrie (Sigma Films)
    Director: Bruce McDonald
    Writer: Tony Burgess
    Producer: Ambrose Roche (Shadow Shows)
  • PORK CHOP (Canada)
    Director: Sid Zanforlin
    Writers: Chris Bavota & Sid Zanforlin
    Producer: Philippe Chabot
    Director - Producer: Stuart Gordon
    Writer: Richard Mancuso
  • RADIUS (Canada)
    Directors - Writers: Caroline Labrèche & Steeve Léonard
  • SÈVE (France)
    Director: Fabrice Blin
    Writers: Fabrice Blin & David Uystpruyst
    Producer: Fabrice Lambot (Metaluna Productions)
    Directors: Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead
    Writer: Justin Benson
    Producer: Justin Benson & David Lawson
    Directors - Writers: Robert Morgan & Sam Walker
    Producer: Karen Smyth (La Belle Allée)
  • TURBO KID (Canada)
    Directors - Writers: François Simard, Anouk Whissell & Yoann–Karl Whissell
    Producer: Ant Timpson (Timpson Films), Executive Producer: Jason Eisener

Off-Frontières: An Added Section of the Fantasia International Co-Production Market

The overwhelmingly positive response for Frontières inspired the Fantasia team to go even further and curate an Off-Frontières selection of film projects. This selection highlights a limited number of additional projects in a wider range of development stages, and proudly incorporates more projects from Quebec and Canada. The Off-Frontières selection will consist of the following 10 projects:

    Director - Writer: Rodrigo Gudiño
    Producer: Marco Pecota (Rue Morgue Cinema)
  • MEMENTO MORI (Canada)
    Director - Writer - Producer: Jovanka Vuckovic
    Producer: Jason Lapeyre (Osaka Sunset Pictures)
  • MYTHOSE (Quebec)
    Director - Writer: Albéric Aurtenèche
    Producer: Simon Trottier (TCB Film)
  • N.O.I.R. (Quebec)
    Director - Writer: Yves Christian Fournier
    Producer: Nicole Robert (Go Films)
    Director - Writer - Producer: Paul Hough (Paul Hough Entertainment)
    Director: Steven C. Miller
    Writer: Ben Powell
    Producer: Travis Stevens (Snowfort Pictures)
    Director: Simon Rumley
    Writer - Producer: Rowan O’Neill (New Tension Films)
  • SWEET BLOOD (Quebec)
    Director - Writer: Elza Kephart
    Writer - Producer: Patricia Gomez Zlatar
    Producer: Christine Falco (Films Camera Oscura)
    Director - Writer: Philippe Spurrell
    Writer - Producer: Victoria Sanchez (based on a novel by Mary Downing Hahn)
    (Just Believe Productions)

The Fantasia Film Market

In addition to Frontières, the Rendez-vous will be hosting a film market, to support the sales efforts for the features that will be part of the programming of the 2012 edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival.

Sales agents and producers will be provided with a space to meet with prospective buyers. Once again, a video screening room will be offered to watch films not having public screenings within the schedule of the week-end.

The Industry Rendez-Vous Conferences

A series of conferences has been organized to assemble the participants around current industry topics. Conferences are open to the public, after industry badge holders have been seated.

This year’s conference serie includes the following topics:

International Co-Production – Practical Funding Aspects: A panel with four international producers to discuss various practical and financial details related to international co-productions. Thursday July 26th, 3pm.

Shooting Possibilities in Quebec: The Quebec Film and Television Council will present the various production and post-productions opportunities and incentive programs available in Quebec. Thursday July 26th, 4:30pm.

Transmedia Promotion Before and During Production: A panel that will discuss four cases that worked well with crowdfunding and web promotion in the past year: THE ABCS OF DEATH, A LITTLE BIT ZOMBIE, THE CAPTURED BIRD and REWIND THIS!, moderated by Jon Reiss. Friday July 27th, 3:30pm.

Direct-to-Fan Distribution and Digital Marketing of Your Film: A master-class by Jon Reiss to empower independent filmmakers to take care of the promotion and distribution of their films themselves. Saturday July 28th, 3pm.

Finding an International Sales Agents and Making the Deal: A panel with international sales agents to explain the international sales process, how to find the right agent for your film and what financial deals are in place. Sunday July 29th, 3:30pm.

The Industry Rendez-Vous Participants

Beside the Directors, Screenwriters and Producers of the selected projects attending to support their Frontières projects, many Producers, Sales Agents, Distributors, Broadcasters, Talent Agents and Service Providers have confirmed their attendance to the market.

The Industry Rendez-Vous is a sold-out event on its first edition, with 250 attendants making their way to Montreal from July 26 to 29. A list of the Rendez-Vous participants and Fantasia Festival guests can be consulted here.


Accreditations to the Fantasia Industry Rendez-Vous are now closed. To get support with your current accreditation, please get in touch with Dominique Loubier, Accreditations Coordinator, at dominique AT fantasiafestival DOT com.

Hospitality and Further Information

If you need support with your travel arrangements to Montreal or would like to get information about the Fantasia corporate rates available at various hotels, please contact Jade Beauregard, Hospitality Assistant, at guests AT fantasiafestival DOT com.

A schedule of the Fantasia Industry Rendez-Vous’ activities can be consulted here.

To follow up-to-date news about the Industry Rendez-Vous and the Frontières International Co-Production Market, follow its Facebook Page.

For more information:

Stephanie Trepanier
Market Director
Fantasia International Film Festival
stephanie AT fantasiafestival DOT com