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Mitch Davis


Welcome to July 2010, Fantasia style. Get your neurons sparked for the biggest, most spectacular fest we’ve mounted to date. For the next three weeks, Montreal is going to crumble under the weight of over 110 feature films and several hundred shorts, many being screened for the first time on this continent, some showing for their first time anywhere in the world. You will experience new works from living legends of world cinema and discover brilliant emerging talents from a multitude of countries. You’d better be excited, because you’re about to step into weeks of mind-altering revelations. Among the highlights:

We’re extremely proud to be doing the Eastern Canadian premiere of one of the most important restorations in the history of moving images: METROPOLIS. Fritz Lang’s visionary 1927 masterwork has recently been restored with 25 minutes of thought-forever-lost footage. We’ll be unveiling the result in Place des Arts’s 3000-seat hall with live orchestral accompaniment performing a new score by internationally renowned silent film composer Gabriel Thibaudeau. It will be a spectacular resurrection for the mother of science fiction cinema.

In a similar vein, we’re staging a special event around Jean Cocteau’s LE SANG D’UN POÈTE. For our screening, the surrealist classic will be backed by a live performance by Siouxsie and the Banshees co-founder Steven Severin!

2010 marks the 25th anniversary of RE-ANIMATOR, and we’re going to celebrate its quarter-century birthday with Stuart Gordon, Jeffrey Combs and Dennis Paoli, who will join us for a screening of their classic. Even more exciting, they’ll be mounting the international premiere of their acclaimed stage play NEVERMORE: AN EVENING WITH Edgar Allan Poe . There will be just two performances, and if you miss both, your soul will hate you. It’s that incredible.

Want a solid example of the extreme dynamic within the Fantasia sensibility? Look no further than the set of lifetime achievement awards that we’ll be bestowing this year:

The Iconoclastic Ken Russell, Britain’s genius enfant terrible and one of the world’s greatest living filmmakers, will be coming to town to receive an award for his courageous and astoundingly unique contributions to cinema. Our “Devils night” award ceremony will kick off a retrospective at the Cinémathèque Québècoise, where you will be treated to rare 35mm prints of many of Russell’s greatest works.

We’re also going to be giving dual lifetime achievement awards to the maverick team of Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, who animated some of your favourite Disney films of the ’70s and virtually saved the credibility of animated feature films in the ’80s when they went rogue and worked outside the studio.


Serbia’s terrifying recent history has birthed a confrontational new generation of filmmakers who are using the medium to express their wounded psyches in ways the Western World can barely get its head around. SUBVERSIVE SERBIA collects some of the strongest entries in this intelligently transgressive and politically charged filmmaking scene. We’re also going to showcase a string of retro Serbian genre films never before screened here, programmed in association with Dejan Ognjanovic and the Belgrade Cinematheque. Your eyes are about to be opened. Wide.

Recent times and crimes have seen extraordinary levels of disillusionment with organized religion, and filmmakers have mirrored this anger with startling impact. In the face of this, we’re mounting a spotlight focused on the abuse of faith, the horrors of ideology and the corruption of Godliness: BETWEEN DEATH AND THE DEVIL. Several of these films will absolutely stagger you.

DOCUMENTARIES FROM THE EDGE is back with provocative works revolving around everything from broken memory, the securing of nuclear waste and the relatives of a serial killer’s victims to illuminating profiles on Lemmy Kilmister and Herschell Gordon Lewis, the latter co-directed by none other than Frank Henenlotter (and yes, HG and Frank will be here)!

We’re also launching a new section that we call CAMERA LUCIDA, which collects some of the strongest personal visions of our lineup under an easily recognizable banner. Don’t be afraid to get your feet wet.

All of this is just scratching the surface of what’s coming your way. There will be parties, performances, panels, CJLO DJs spinning between films, hordes of visiting filmmakers and of course, screening after screening until your cerebellum screams for mercy.

Read through these pages and be prepared to take risks, because bravery is rewarded around here, and we’ve got some wild, inspirational treats for you. On behalf of the entire Fantasia team,

Mitch Davis


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