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Feature Films : Camera Lucida

Camera LucidaWhat is the current state of genre cinema? The innovation that is CAMERA LUCIDA attempts to answer this question. Although the cinematic landscape today is marked by the arrival of undeniable and unclassifiable hybrids, some even being directed by known auteurs, the definition of “genre cinema” is seemingly becoming more and more elusive. In trying to clarify this, the idea of a platform dedicated to this contemporary filmic phenomenon was created by the Fantasia Film Festival. Yet, instead of offering a clear answer to the question that led to the project, the films being presented in this category only add to its complexity. Even though they proudly adhere to a specific genre, from animation to science fiction, on through to musical, each drastically redefines it by confronting it with new perspectives, by proposing new reflections on its past and certainly, by revolutionizing it. Here is, in its most radical and uncommon state, genre cinema as presented to the modern cinephile.

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    Hungary 2009 | 91 min

    Hungarian language , English subtitles

    Pater Sparrow

  • Air Doll

    Air Doll

    Japan 2009 | 116 min

    Japanese language , English subtitles

    Hirokazu Kore-eda

  • Neverlost


    Canada 2010 | 103 min

    English language

    Chad Archibald

  • Rubber


    France 2010 | 85 min

    English language

    Quentin Dupieux

  • Sell Out!

    Sell Out!

    Malaysia 2008 | 106 min

    Manglish/english/mandarin/cantonese language , English subtitles

    Yeo Joon Han

  • Théorie de la religion

    Théorie de la religion

    Quebec 2010 | 67 min

    French language

    Frédérick Maheux

  • What Is Not Romance?

    What Is Not Romance?

    South Korea 2009 | 70 min

    Korean language , English subtitles

    Hong Eun-ji, Park Jae-ok, Soo Kyoung

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