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Feature Films : Between Death and the Devil

Between Death and the DevilRecent times and crimes have seen extraordinary levels of disillusionment with organized religion, particularly with the Catholic Church, and genre cinema has mirrored this anger with startling impact. In the face of this, we’re mounting this troubling spotlight focused on the abuse of faith, the horrors of ideology and the corruption of Godliness. Several of these films will absolutely stagger you.

  • Black Death

    Black Death

    U.K. 2010 | 102 min

    English language

    Christopher Smith

  • Heartless


    U.K. 2009 | 114 min

    English language

    Philip Ridley

  • Possessed


    South Korea 2009 | 112 min

    Korean language , English subtitles

    Lee Young-soo

  • The Devils

    The Devils

    U.K. 1971 | 111 min

    English language

    Ken Russell

  • The Last Exorcism

    The Last Exorcism

    USA 2010 | 90 min

    English language

    Daniel Stamm

  • The Shrine

    The Shrine

    Canada 2010 | 85 min

    English language

    Jon Knautz

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