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The Land Before Time

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The Land Before Time

Sponsored by: Ubisoft
  • USA 1988
  • 69 min
  • 35mm
  • English
Hosted by director/producer Don Bluth and producer Gary Goldman, who receive a Lifetime Achievement Award



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"Has the emotional force of a classic!” — Deve Kehr, CHICAGO TRIBUNE

"A beautiful, lyric odyssey” — Lynn Darling, NEWSDAY


Director: Don Bluth
Screenplay: Judy Freudberg, Tony Geiss, Stu Krieger
Cast: Judith Barsi, Gabriel Damon, Candace Huston, Will Ryan, Pat Hingle
Producers: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas
Print Source: Universal

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A Lifetime Achievement Award for Don Bluth and Gary Goldman   

A Lifetime Achievement Award for Don Bluth and Gary Goldman

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65 million years before the arrival of man, the world of the dinosaurs saw a period of great change. The herbivores, having had only the formidable “sharptooths” to worry about until then, suddenly found new threats bearing down on them. The vegetation was dying and huge earthquakes split up the herds. Into this hostile climate is born Littlefoot, a “longneck” raised by his mother and grandparents. The little family heads slowly towards the Great Valley, a place of legend where dinosaurs would live in safety and never lack food. The road is not without obstacles. When Littlefoot’s mother dies after a surprise attack by a Tyrannosaurus, the poor child finds himself alone, separated from his grandparents. There remains only one solution for the young Apatosaurus—navigate through a danger-laden zone which he hopes will lead him to the Great Valley. Fortunately for him, his solitude doesn’t last long. On the way, Littlefoot meets other dinosaurs his age who, like him, find themselves without a family. Despite their differences, they are forced to band together to find the Great Valley and escape the insatiable appetite of the sharptooths.

When it came time to choose the film that would accompany the ceremony in honour of Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, masters of the animated film, several possibilities were considered. The two artists having been responsible for several major works, from THE SECRET OF NIMH to TITAN A.E., we at Fantasia had an abundance of choice. However, one of them stood out, a magnificent film that had marked the imagination of a generation of cinema lovers and the ideal emblem for an illustrious career in animation, the unforgettable THE LAND BEFORE TIME. It’s an honour to invite you to get emotional and rediscover this indisputable childhood classic on the big screen. Marking the second collaboration between Bluth and Goldman, and producers Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, THE LAND BEFORE TIME relates a touching story about the power of friendship that has lost absolutely none of its impact or eloquence. Animated by the hands of geniuses, the prehistoric world has retained all of its splendour, making several recent productions pale in comparison. Plus, how can we resist reuniting with our old friends Littlefoot and his gang? Get your hankies ready. You will definitely shed tears upon hearing the Diana Ross number that closes this masterpiece, before wholeheartedly applauding the amazing talent of Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, two artists representing, by themselves, an indispensable chapter not only in the history of animation but the history of cinema.

—Simon Laperrière (translated by Parker Mah)

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