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(Bay Rong)

Canadian Premiere

  • Vietnam 2009
  • 90 min
  • 35mm
  • Vietnamese with English subtitles
Official selection, Tribeca Film Festival 2010


Martial ArtsAction / Adventure

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“Like a supremely entertaining Mortal Kombat-style video game... some old-school smack-down martial arts lunacy that's quite simply a whole lot of broad, basic fun” — Scott Weinberg, CINEMATICAL


Director: Le Thanh Son
Screenplay: Johnny Nguyen
Cast: Johnny Nguyen, Veronica Ngo, Hieu Hien, Hoang Phuc Nguyen, Lam Minh Thang
Producers: Thanh Truc Nguyen, Jimmy Pham
Print Source: Cinemavault



Don’t let her looks fool you. Trinh may be beautiful but she is also deadly, a highly trained mercenary who plies her trade at the behest of the deadliest gangster in the nation. It’s not that Trinh enjoys her vocation, nor that she doesn’t have a conscience, it’s just that her employer is holding her young daughter hostage and if she must choose between the life of a stranger and the life of her daughter, well, there’s not much of a choice there. But she is reaching the end of her criminal life, or so she believes. One more job, just one more, and she’ll be able to buy her little girl back. Now if only she can hold her team together for long enough. Anchoring that team is Quan. A man with a hidden past, Quan is a deadly fighter with his own agenda and his own hidden goals. His aims align with those of the team for now, but what will happen when they diverge? Will he be able to simply part with the group and go his own way? Will he be able to abandon Trinh, the woman he is starting to have undeniable feelings for?

The team behind THE REBEL continues to revolutionize the Vietnamese film industry with runaway hit THE CLASH! With the stars of THE REBEL, Johnny Nguyen and Veronica Ngo, again taking the lead here, with Nguyen again penning the script and THE REBEL editor Le Thanh Son making his directorial debut, was there any doubt THE CLASH would be a success? Its potboiler of a plot and high-energy action sequences have made it a massive success in Vietnam, where it shattered all local box office records, and are turning heads all around the globe. Nguyen, who also appeared in Thailand’s THE PROTECTOR with Tony Jaa, is one of the great, underappreciated martial artists in the world today, but if he keeps making films like this, his name won’t remain unsung for long.

—Todd Brown

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