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The Revenant

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The Revenant

Montreal Premiere

  • USA 2009
  • 118 min
  • 35mm
  • English
Hosted by writer/director Kerry Prior

WINNER: Audience Award, Best Feature, CineVegas 2009
WINNER: Best Director, Fantastic Fest 2009
WINNER: Best Make-Up, Screamfest 2009
WINNER: Best Independent Feature, Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2009
Official Selection: Stockholm International Film Festival 2009
Official Selection: Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival 2009
Official Selection: Chicago International Film Festival 2009
Official Selection: Calgary Underground Film Festival 2010


HorrorComedyAction / Adventure

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"A revelation... joins that prestigious league of films that I refuse to shut up about... flat-out fantastic horror-comedy that is safely mentioned in the same breath as masterpieces such as RE-ANIMATOR" — Brian Kelley, JOBLO.COM

"Hilarious...unique... has a real shot of becoming a cult classic" — Emmet Duff, SOUND ON SIGHT


Director: Kerry Prior
Screenplay: Kerry Prior
Cast: Chris Wylde, David Anders, Jacy King, Louise Griffiths
Producers: Jacques Thelemaque, Kerry Prior, Liam Finn
Print Source: Putrefactory



Officer First Class Bart Gregory (David Anders) left the safety of home for a tour of duty in the Middle East. Today, young officer Gregory has come home in a pine box, shot dead in combat. Alas, this is just the start of our fallen soldier’s troubles as, on the night of his funeral, before his grave has been filled, Bart wakes up in a state of total panic—sweating, disoriented and still very much dead. Not knowing what to do, he runs to his friend Joey (an absolutely manic Chris Wylde), waking him from his sleep and scaring him half to death! Joey tries giving him cold pizza and finds his efforts rewarded with black bile projectile vomit spewed across his living room. Bart can no longer eat normal food. He’s also beginning to decompose! Soon, the sun rises and Bart passes out, literally dead to the world. At sundown, he wakes up. While he was out, Joey was rocking the Google box, doing research on his friend’s affliction, and they come to the conclusion that Bart has somehow become a revenant. Or more specifically, a vampire. He needs blood but he doesn’t want to hurt innocents. And then, the crimson lightbulb goes off above his rotting head. He’s invincible. Un-woundable. Un-killable. And he’s military-trained. Eureka! Bart is about to become an undead vigilante!

Ooooh, yeah. This warped buddy comedy from beyond the grave is rewardingly reminiscent of ‘80s-era Frank Henenlotter (had he done a screwball re-imagining of Bob Clark’s DEATHDREAM!), jam-packed with urban decadence, perverse gore and outrageously ghoulish humour that will carve a big, bleeding smile on damn near anybody’s face. It features, among its voluminous repertoire of jaw-droppers, the most twisted gag with a living severed head since the noggin of RE-ANIMATOR’s Dr Hill reinvented the sex slang that shares its name with said body part. Fun au extreme, THE REVENANT is the feature debut from writer/director Kerry Prior. No stranger to the fantastic, Prior’s been a special effects technician on such films as PHANTASM II , LOST BOYS, THE ABYSS and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3, to name a few. He also did additional cinematography (and some effects!) on BUBBA HO-TEP, so you know he’s kin. A high-energy slam of dry wit and imaginative chaos, THE REVENANT will crack you up and knock you down with gusto stronger than death itself.

—Mitch Davis

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