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North american Premiere

  • Canada 2010
  • 14 min
  • HD
  • English


Sci-Fi / FantasyCrime / Thriller

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Director: David-James Fernandes
Screenplay: David-James Fernandes
Cast: Brandon McGibbon, Shawn Lawrence, Marnie Robinson
Producers: David-James Fernandes, Sarah Kapoor, Gregory Bennett, Shakil Choudhury, Jennifer Jonas

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Saving Grace   

Saving Grace

World Premiere
2010 | 85 min
English language



"Brandon McGibbon (Splice) delivers a sterling performance as a mid-30's man who goes to get his fear removed by a vanguard scientist (Shawn Lawrence) and his brain-changing computer.

Hailed as "far and away one of the better science fiction shorts of the year," by Todd Brown of Twitch Film, RE-WIRE is a tense, brooding descent into the nature of fear and the snake oil promises of scientific miracle cures. RE-WIRE creates a world where epilepsy, alzheimer's and even mental health may be cured simply by slipping on a brain hat. Computers guide structural changes to the brain and fix life-long affliction. You get to be 'normal' - no therapy, no drugs.

Can we use machines to heal ourselves from the outside in, or is the brain simply too complex, and human consciousness too subjective? There are no easy answers.

RE-WIRE is Toronto-based director David-James Fernandes' first dramatic film. He is currently working on his next short, a sci-fi romantic comedy involving cyborgs and transfer of consciousness."
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