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Banjo the Woodpile Cat

Banjo the Woodpile Cat

  • USA 1979
  • 29 min
  • 35mm
  • English



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Director: Don Bluth
Screenplay: Don Bluth, Toby Bluth
Cast: Scatman Crothers, Beah Richards, Sparky Marcus
Producers: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, John Pomeroy
Print Source: Don Bluth Productions

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Banjo, a mischievous kitten, is convinced his parents don’t have the time of day for him and decides to leave the family roost and seek adventure. When he arrives in a scary city where he knows no one, he has serious second thoughts and wants to returm home. But in this place of constant danger, only the help of Crazy Legs, a likeable, womanizing tomcat, can get him through.

In 1979, Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and a small team of animators left Disney Studios to focus their energies on a project they’d been tinkering on in their spare time for some years. Created with limited means in the director’s garage, the final results nonetheless launched Don Bluth’s animation studio and initiated the production of the feature film THE SECRET OF NIHM.

Here}s the film that Bluth considers his STEAMBOAT WILLIE. BANJO THE WOODPILE CAT is definitively the seed from which future masterpieces sprang. All the themes that Bluth and Goldman would later explore are here, as is the sumptuous animation abetted by impressive musical numbers. Thanks to the archives of CinéClub: The Film Society, from where this rare 16mm print hails, you have a special opportunity to see, on the big screen, a true treasure of animated film and revisit the moment when it all began for Don Bluth and Gary Goldman.

—Simon Laperrière

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