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Love in a Puff

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Love in a Puff

Sponsored by: Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Canada)

International Premiere

  • Hong Kong 2010
  • 95 min
  • 35mm
  • Cantonese with English/chinese subtitles



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“An achingly romantic comic two-hander crackling with pithy dialogue and witty observations” — Mike Goodridge, SCREEN DAILY

“An unusual, unsentimental movie, full of heart, soul and understanding” — Ken Kwek, INSING

“Scene after scene of random but highly entertaining and organic situations” — Johannes Pong, HK MAGAZINE


Director: Pang Ho-Cheung
Screenplay: Pang Ho-Cheung, Heiward Mak
Cast: Miriam Yeung, Shawn Yue, Vincent Kuk, Cheung Tat-Ming
Producers: Subi Liang, Pang Ho-Cheung
Print Source: Media Asia



10,000 cigarettes, lots of profanity and useless chitchat. That’s the collateral damage inflicted by the Hong Kong government when they imposed a ban on indoor smoking. Every day, smokers from different offices congregate in hotspots to indulge in the daily ritual of social smoking, gossiping and dirty jokes. Cherie (Miriam Yeung, 3 EXTREMES’s “Dumplings”) is a thirtysomething beauty-product saleswoman who has reached a new threshold of boredom. One sunny day, her cure arrives with the appearance of Jimmy (Shawn Yue of SHAMO and INFERNAL AFFAIRS), an advertising executive in his twenties who just gotten the pink slip from his girlfriend (facts confirmed by Facebook). For the next seven days, armed with an arsenal of cigarettes and fully loaded witty-banter capabilities, they will embark on adventures filled with karaoke, a big-breast cake party, internet dating, a jealous boyfriend, the perils of Facebook and the evasion of the police by pretending to be Japanese and Korean. Will smokers soon be an endangered species? What fate awaits these lovebirds?

One of Hong Kong cinema’s treasures and an international festival favourite, Pang Ho-Cheung (ISABELLA, AV) took a break from the postproduction of the controversial DREAM HOME to tackle LOVE IN A PUFF. Displaying strong legs for many weeks with Hong Kong audiences, it has finally arrived here for your enjoyment. If you never saw Pang Ho-Cheung, this is the perfect starting point. Pang has taken a simple love story, jettisoned the odious clichés of the genre and subverted it with a smoking twist. Political incorrect, filled with vulgar poetry that would make Kevin Smith proud if he were doing a film in Cantonese, the film is spiced with a delightfully intelligent script co-written by upcoming scribe Heiward Mak, laced with an abundance of funny dialogue and witty commentary on the current world of relationships that is indigenously Hong Kong but also universal and modern at its core. Let’s not forget the moments of dark absurdity that Pang is notorious for. You won’t soon forget Vincent Kok (GOD OF COOKERY) in a priceless moment, smoking an illicit cigarette through a straw in an closed cup, and his tale of why he needs to jerk his dog off almost everyday. Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue generate a strong chemistry, making the relationship feel so natural, real and energetic. You could even say they “light up” the screen!

—King-Wei Chu

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