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I Heart Doomsday

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I Heart Doomsday

Montreal Premiere

  • Canada 2010
  • 85 min
  • HD
  • English
Hosted by director/screenwriter Patrick Downing

WINNER: Most Innovative Film, Buffalo Niagara Film Festival 2010


Sci-Fi / FantasyComedy

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Director: Patrick Downing
Screenplay: Patrick Downing
Cast: Dan Beirne, Christine Ghawi, Etan Muskat, Vanessa Matsui, Joe Cobden
Producers: Eric Amber
Print Source: a1robotcompany



Exiled from the scientific community for his radical and dangerous ideas, Professor Von Max, a genius specializing in weapons of mass destruction, finds solace in his research and in the arms of Tatiana, his mistress and colleague. Then one day, one of his experiments goes catastrophically wrong. Victims of an explosion, Professor Von Max is badly disfigured while his girlfriend falls into a deep coma. Because of his hideous appearance, the scientist is forced to live on the outskirts of society and, overwhelmed by solitude, slowly loses his sanity. Three years later, Tatiana finally wakes, but she has forgotten everything from her past with Von Max. Her amnesia leads to a new life as a grocery clerk who now goes by the name of Jane. Haunted by her memory, Von Max wants nothing else but to get his beloved back. Confined to his hole, he finds the perfect mediator between himself and Jane when he creates a remote-controlled cyborg designed in his own image. Everything would be running smoothly if it wasn’t for the overlooked fact that, when left idle, the robot takes on a life of its own and falls in love with Jane itself. A curious contest of wills between Von Max and his duplicate is about to begin.

Starring a talented cast of actors from the Montreal independent film scene, the charming I HEART DOOMSDAY skilfully blends romantic comedy and science fiction. The result is a tender tale that alternates between two extremes, playing with the contrasts between real-world humour and a type of fantasy much inspired by the films of Roger Corman. Each time the narrative seems to be heading towards a typical guy-meets-girl formula, director and screenwriter Patrick Downing astonishes by suddenly dragging the audience into a universe of mad scientists, superheroes and robots. For these hilarious scenes, the filmmaker has decided to forego suspension of disbelief by using noticeably fake special effects. This judicious artistic choice accentuates the script’s fantasy slope, inventively defining two parallel environments in which the characters evolve. The capable cast includes Dan Beirne (THE TROTSKY), excellent as Von Max and his double, and Etan Muskat (WHO IS K.K. DOWNEY?), a riot as Captain Ovation, the justice-obsessed vigilante. Funny and romantic, I HEART DOOMSDAY proves that when it comes to seducing the woman of your dreams, laser rays can be as effective as a bouquet of pretty flowers!

—Simon Laperrière (translated by Guillaume Desbiens)

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