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Ledo and Ix Go to Town

Canadian Premiere

  • USA 2009
  • 8 min
  • video
  • English
Official Selection, Slamdance Film Festival 2010



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Director: Emily Carmichael
Screenplay: Emily Carmichael
Producers: Josh Hetzler
Print Source: Kid Can Drive

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What Is Not Romance?   

What Is Not Romance?

Romangeun Eobsda
International Premiere
South Korea
2009 | 70 min
Korean language, English subtitles



Ledo and Ix are back! In trhis new chapter of their epic adventures, the brave warriors return to civilization when the discover a village where everyone’s behaviour is highly repetitive. Once again, Emily Carmichael offers a smart pastiche of the early episodes of Final Fantasy. She outdoes herself this time, going farther than ever in her parody of everything that made old-school video games so goofy.

—Simon Laperrière

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