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Eve's Necklace

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Eve's Necklace

International Premiere

  • USA 2009
  • 80 min
  • HD
  • English
Hosted by writer/director Daniel Erickson

Official Selection, Seattle's True Independent Film Festival 2009


Crime / ThrillerAnimation

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“A killer bizarre mannequin film noir... One of the strangest movies you'll ever have the likelihood of ever seeing” — Harry Knowles, AIN’T IT COOL

“Hitchcock... would be pleased” — Marc Savlov, AUSTIN CHRONICLE


Director: Daniel Erickson
Screenplay: Daniel Erickson
Cast: Veronica Erickson, John Hawkes, Kevin Simon, Johnny Coleman Walker, Cyndi Williams
Producers: Daniel Erickson
Print Source: Erickson Films

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Canadian Premiere
Czech Republic/ USA
2009 | 12 min



How well do you know your wife? It’s a question that would never cross the mind of William (voiced by John Hawkes of LOST fame). In his eyes, the beautiful Eva is the perfect partner—loving, caring and now pregnant. He has no doubt that she will be a wonderful mother. The couple is preparing for the happy event, while struggling to overcome some rather large debts, unaware that their small home in its quiet little neighbourhood will soon be shaken to its very core by the arrival of Ramon, a dangerous man capable of killing anyone who gets in his way. He knows Eva very well and has been searching for her a long time. William’s wife has kept her sordid past in the world of pornography, a past that Ramon knows intimately, secret from her husband. She will go to any lengths to prevent the truth being known, but it may already be too late, for nothing can stop Ramon’s murderous rage.

And now for something completely different, American filmmaker Daniel Erickson’s second film—which is probably the most daring and surprising animated film showing at Fantasia this year. While the basic premise is classic film noir, this independent production is stunning in the insane challenge taken up by the director: to put together a harrowing psychological thriller with a cast composed solely of clothing-store mannequins. Any resemblance to FUCCON FAMILY, as obvious as it may seem, ends right there. Rather than play with the absurd, EVE’S NECKLACE is deadly serious, which by the very paradox it presents makes its viewing a destabilizing experience. Never has Freud’s notion of “uncanny strangeness” been brought to the screen so effectively. Carried along by the familiar narrative enfolding in a common suburb, one can only be profoundly disturbed by these animated life-sized figures who eat, cry and make love without emotive expression—only to connect to the film as one slowly begin to see oneself in them. To succeed in such a project takes both courage and more than a little madness. In this day and age where computer animation reigns supreme, EVE’S NECKLACE proves that traditional animation can still surprise with its creativity.

—Simon Laperrière (translated by Robert Guillemette)

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