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High School

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High School

Sponsored by: McAuslan

International Premiere

  • USA 2010
  • 93 min
  • 35mm
  • English
Hosted by co-writer Stephen Susco

Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival 2010



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"Succeeds on equal parts quick humor, likable characters, and pure energy. And weed." — Scott Weinberg, CINEMATICAL

“A really good coming-of-age buddy tale set on an absurd plane and run amok under the influence of the stinky green… f***ing entertaining, through and through” — Neil Miller, FILM SCHOOL REJECTS


Director: John Stalberg Jr.
Screenplay: Erik Linthorst, John Stalberg Jr., Stephen Susco
Cast: Adrien Brody, Michael Chiklis, Matt Bush, Sean Marquette, Colin Hanks
Producers: Arcadiy Golubovich, Raymond J. Markovich, Warren Zide
Print Source: Parallel Media/Zero Hour Films

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One more day and summer hits, marking the end of high school for clean-cut Henry (Matt Bush of ADVENTURELAND), a time that saw him earn great grades, the position of school valedictorian and a sure shot at enrollment at MIT. So it couldn’t possibly hurt to try, just once, smoking a little ganja with his incorrigible old buddy Travis, could it? Oh yes, it could, once word is out that his school’s uptight, buzzkill principal Dr. Gordon has announced across-the-board drug test for all students the next day—and a failing grade in that test trumps all others. The solution? Get the entire student body high, by lacing the bake sale’s brownies with THC crystals, the active ingredient of marijuana. From there, class, the equation is pretty simple, isn’t it? Goofy stoner plus uptight nerd plus absurd, ill-conceived scheme equals… well, “zany antics ensue,” as they say.

Would we be out of line in saying that the “feelgood hit of the summer” has arrived? We’re not blowing smoke when we tell you that award-winning short-film creator John Stalberg Jr.’s feature debut HIGH SCHOOL will have you “rolling” on the floor of the Hall Theatre. In the tradition of DAZED AND CONFUSED, HALF BAKED and a bunch of other movies that for some reason we can’t quite remember the titles to right now, HIGH SCHOOL is a classic pot-com, owing a little debt as well to the astute teenage tales of John Hughes (an extra ’80s kick comes with the musical score by Harold Faltermeyer of BEVERLY HILLS COP fame). Scripted by far keener minds than its thematic substance might lead you to believe, HIGH SCHOOL also boasts some astounding performances, particularly by Michael Chiklis of THE SHIELD, damn near unrecognizable as the over-the-top super-square principal Gordon, and Adrien Brody, cornrowed and caked in tattoos—his turn as the hilariously menacing weed dealer Psycho Ed is unlike anything the widely admired actor has ever delivered. So puff, puff but don’t pass on HIGH SCHOOL, and please be reminded that munchies are available at the Fantasia concession stand.

—Rupert Bottenberg

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