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Celluloid Experiments 2010

Celluloid Experiments 2010

  • International 2010
  • 95 min
  • video
  • English/japanese



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Director: various
Producers: DJ XL5

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Celluloid Experiments 2010   

Celluloid Experiments 2010



Sometimes linear, sometimes abstract, but always intriguing, CELLULOID EXPERIMENTS 2010 is a singular journey, a voyage to the limits of dreams, often tinted by feverish hallucinations. England’s Nic Benns evokes an organic world and summons frightening sounds for the world premiere of COPELIA. Also from England comes the international premiere of the wonderful MR. BRADLEY MR. MARTIN HEAR US THROUGH THE HOLE IN THIN AIR by Creig Johnson, an expressionist visual adaptation of a poem recited, in his inimitable voice, by its writer William S. Burroughs. From Estonia comes Rao Heidmets’s INHERENT OBLIGATIONS, an incisive surrealist critique of the media’s place in our lives. The U.S. offers two world premieres—a visit to the complex cardboard universe of Wes Terray’s BOXWORLD, and Jason Bognacki’s magnificent descent into nightmare, THE WHITE FACE. Through Tal Shamir’s unique vision of the apocalypse DESERT OF THE REAL, an international premiere, discover an empty New York, now an urban desert. Three American films making their Canadian debuts delve into phantasmagoric parallel universes—MANHATTAN MERMAID by Tristan Von Christann, ALL SYSTEMS GO, NEIL ARMSTRONG by Robert Dohrmann and Brandon Dexter’s A DARKER SILENCE, an unhealthy charting of troubling impulses.

Closer to home, the visual ingenuity of Quebec’s David Barlow-Krelina is showcased in IN TRUST OF THE TIDE and A DAY IN 45 SECONDS. Renaud Hallée offers the clever musical film GRAVITÉ and SONAR, an exercise suggesting Norman McLaren in the digital era. Marking its tenth year is Dérapage, a festival of audiovisual exploration founded by students from UQAM’s graphic design department. Saluting this creative force, CELLULOID EXPERIMENTS 2010 lays out a spread of micro-shorts by TIND (DIAPOFILM, MONTRÉAL MINUIT LA NUIT), Andreea Vrabie (SILENCE), Annik Tremblay-Meunier (ONDE), Jonathan Veilleux (BEAUTÉ, VEUX-TU ÊTRE DANS THE HUMAN LEAGUE AVEC MOI?), Samuel Leblanc (SYMPHONIE DE L'HORREUR) and Éloi Menard (TRAME DE FOND). And finally, the curator of this omnibus, DJ XL5, shares two collaborations from recent months—CIMETIÈRE AUTOMOBILE, co-directed with Daniel Faubert and Francis Théberge, interposing photos from a South Shore junked-car graveyard and automobile ads of yesteryear. Meanwhile, with HER HOME IN EVERY MIRROR, DJ XL5 juxtaposes images from the films of Maya Deren and the music of Montreal band Skeleton Trees.

—Marc Lamothe (translated by Rupert Bottenberg)

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