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Under the Scares

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Under the Scares

Sponsored by: Téléfilm Canada

Canadian Premiere

  • Quebec 2010
  • 80 min
  • video
  • English/french



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Director: Steve Villeneuve
Screenplay: Steve Villeneuve
Cast: Robert Kurtzman, Tony Timpone, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Debbie Rochon, Lloyd Kaufman
Producers: Steve Villeneuve, Hugo Bissonnet, Simon Geraghty
Print Source: DiggerFilms



“Do what’s in your heart. Do what you believe in, and read some books, and get educated and have something to say. If you want to take cocaine and get hookers, go to California. If you want to do what’s in your heart, and be an artist and suffer, maybe you’ll do okay, maybe you won’t. Don’t stop, just keep making films no matter what anybody says.” - Lloyd Kaufman.

DiggerFilms, a well-known local production company specializing in genre films (DEAD PUSSY, LE HIT and THE DINNER). masterminded the documentary UNDER THE SCARES. Steve Villeneuve, William Dio, Hugo Bissonnet and Simon Geraghty offer us an inside look into the production and promotion of an independent, low-budget horror film, drawing a lot of examples from their own experience with their first feature film, STORIES OF A GRAVEDIGGER (2005). Through a passionate yet pragmatic outlook, the project is analyzed from the genesis of the idea to its distribution, dividing the process into different milestones—pre-production, casting, shooting, sound design, the use of sex and violence in order to meet industry’s expectations, accessibility of the media, finding a distributor, self-distribution in the current context of the horror industry and harnessing the potential of the internet.

Shooting the film over three years (2006–2009), DiggerFilms traveled over 30,000 km—including stops in New York, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto and Montreal—to bring us the best interviews with horror professionals and celebrities. Among the people interviewed, recognizable faces include Amy Lynn Best, Maurice Devereaux, Michael Gingold, Rodrigo Gudino, Frank Henenlotter, Gary Jones, Lloyd Kaufman, Robert Kurtzman, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Jimmy O Burril, Debbie Rochon, Courtney Solomon, Brinke Stevens, Sv Bell, Tony Timpone and Mike Watt. In addition to tips and tricks for emerging filmmakers, they offer their opinions on the genre in the form of fond memories, realist (and sometimes pessimistic) thoughts on the industry and personal anecdotes. The result of DiggerFilms’ effort is more than a primer for horror filmmakers. It’s a compelling overview of the industry that ought to interest any genre cinema enthusiast wanting to know more about what really goes on behind the scenes. Forget everything you’ve learned from DVD extras about the shooting of big Hollywood productions! This documentary shows us what really goes on, from a completely different point of view.

—Marc Lamothe (translated by Maude Michaud)

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