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Motel Pluton

Motel Pluton

World Premiere

  • Quebec 2010
  • 16 min
  • French with English subtitles

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Director: Caroline Mailloux, Frédéric Leblanc
Cast: Geneviève Néron Pierre-Alexandre Fortin
Producers: Les Films Camera Oscura, Productions Onze Heures Onze
Print Source: Les Films Camera Oscura Inc.

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Courts métrages québécois 8   

Courts métrages québécois 8



Stéphane and Nathalie, a mid-thirties humdrum couple, are on their way to a funeral. Nathalie’s hometown being a long drive away, they must stop for the night in dingy
Time stands still. For no apparent reason, they wake up in the dead of night, as a perfect silence envelops the motel. A vague smell of rotten eggs and a headache push them to leave in the middle of the night. But the door seems to be stuck, and they are locked in their room, with no means to communicate with the outside world.
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