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North american Premiere

  • Belgium 2009
  • 88 min
  • HD
  • French with English subtitles

Audience Prize at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival



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“The cast and script are superb, cramming more laughs into a few minutes than most films manage in an hour” 
— Ben Austwick, QUIET EARTH

“Rafraîchissant, bourré d'humour et enchaînant interviews et moments de vie loufoques, "VAMPIRES" dépoussière le mythe de nos chers buveurs de sang !” 


Director: Vincent Lannoo
Screenplay: Frédérique Broos, Vincent Lannoo
Cast: Paul Ahmarani, Julien Doré, Carlo Ferrante, 
Alexandra Kamp-Groeneveld
Producers: John Engel
Print Source: House of Film

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Sweet Blood   

Sweet Blood

World Premiere
2009 | 9 min
Spanish language, English subtitles



Belgium and Quebec—both francophone, but neither French. Similarly, both places are preoccupied with questions of identity and culture. Perhaps this explains Vincent Lannoo’s locating his film VAMPIRES in both Belgium and Montreal. But then again, maybe it’s just the humour inherent in banishing a family of formerly aristocratic, black-garbed vampires to the snowy white wastelands of Canada.

For VAMPIRES, despite its title, is played very much for laughs. Taking its cues as much from mockumentary films like THIS IS SPÏNAL TÄP as it does from reality horror classics like MAN BITES DOG, the movie follows a crew of filmmakers commissioned to document the real lives of a modern vampire family. The tribe is composed of a debonair, Lugosi-esque father, a demented mother, a rebellious son and, most important to the story, a petulant daughter who pines for her lost humanity, irking her parents by wearing pink, playing “suicide,” and bringing humans home for dinner (the rare kind where the guests are not themselves on the menu!). The film offers insights into vampire eating habits, living arrangements, child rearing, education and politics. While most of these are part of the standard mythology, VAMPIRES posits its own alternate take, which is usually far funnier than the standard lore. Particularly hilarious is the subplot surrounding the family’s passive-aggressive, basement-dwelling neighbours. Condo owners will surely relate!

While VAMPIRES would be a worthy entry at any genre film festival, the Montreal street scenes, interiors shot at local goth shop Cruella and vampire busking at Mont-Royal Metro are sure to bring forth shrieks of laughter at the Fantasia screening. Any film that makes a Quebecois accent a bigger barrier to dating than vampirism is sure to curdle the blood of the local audience, not so much from fear, but from recognition of that familiar feigned European misunderstanding of Quebecois French!

—Andy Mauro

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