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DJ XL5’s Bollywood Zappin’ Party

Sponsored by: Le Septième et Panorama-cinéma

World Premiere

  • International 2010
  • 120 min
  • video
  • Hindi/tamil with English subtitles


RomanceMusicalHistoricalDramaComedyClassic/RetroAction / Adventure

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« C’est hilarant, c’est kitsch, c’est explosif? C’est DJXL5. Avec son tout nouveau Bollywood Zappin’ Party, le DJ regroupe tous ces éléments qui ont fait sa signature. À savoir: l'humour, le trash et l'authentique. Du bonbon pour tous les fans de trouvailles que personne d’autre ne trouve... sauf lui! » – Natalia Wysocka, ICI WEEK-END

« Les films de Bollywood sont réputés pour déborder de musique, d'humour, de drame et d'action, le tout étant agencé de façon glorieusement imprévisible et exubérante. Toutes ces qualités pouvant aussi décrire les Zappin' Party de DJ XL5. » – Kevin Laforest, VOIR


Director: DJ XL5
Producers: DJ XL5
Print Source: We Edit Life

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DJ XL5's Bollywood Zappin' Party   

DJ XL5's Bollywood Zappin' Party



Whether you’re looking for singing, dancing, romance, violence, action, fights, explosions, extreme close-ups, slaps or big moustaches, you’ll find plenty of all of them in the cinema of India! This Zappin’ Party is a jubilant introduction to a film genre that deserves to be better known. Many people wrongfully think that Bollywood only offers romantic comedies, with musical numbers and running times of over two and a half hours. Although it is true that almost all Indian films have a minimum of three or four musical numbers, they embrace a wide array of genres, be it action, romance, horror or suspense. This blending of different genres in the same film, along with sudden and radical changes in tone, is what makes this kind of cinema so interesting—a Moulin Rouge-inspired musical number can easily cut to an action sequence reminiscent of Tony Scott! In other words, a pure cultural and cinematic “masala” set in a phantasmagoric universe!

The term “Bollywood” is a neologism formed from “Bombay” and “Hollywood.” “Bollywood,” however, refers to Hindi films, not a specific film production centre. India also offers a variety of other sub-genres, including Kollywood (Tamil films), Tollywood and Mollywood, each having their own distinctive styles and cultural elements. As part of this event, DJ XL5 unpacks excerpts from Bollywood and Kollywood films. This Zappin’ Party is a love letter that celebrates the beauty and grandness of this genre, along with its endearing goofiness and Indian kitsch. It includes trailers, musical numbers and excerpts from more than 40 films. Not only will you get a thorough overview of the genre, you will also see works from some of the masters, including Amitabh Bachchan, Shivaji Ganesan Rajnikanth, Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Bobby Deol, Akshay Kumar and many more. In order to prepare this event, DJ XL5 watched more than 90 feature films from India since January! He has been well advised in his research by DJ Sepna, DJ Rupees and DJ Shaitani Horgh.

Presented at the sumptuous Théâtre Impérial, DJ XL5’S BOLLYWOOD ZAPPIN’ PARTY will also include a stage show with dance numbers by Eshaa Roshan & bahut kushi ladki and a brand new live adventure of Inspector Bronco and his troupe entitled BOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD. An exotic change of scenery is guaranteed for all!

—Marc Lamothe (translated by Maude Michaud)

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