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Le sang d'un poète with Steven Severin

(The Blood of a Poet)
Sponsored by: Le Cinéclub: The Film Society

Canadian Premiere

  • France 1930
  • 55 min
With live musical accompaniment by Steven Severin
Presented by Le Cinéclub: The Film Society



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Director: Jean Cocteau
Screenplay: Jean Cocteau
Cast: Enrique Rivero, Elizabeth Lee Miller, Pauline Carton
Producers: Le Vicomte de Noailles

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Blood of a Poet with Steven Severin   

Blood of a Poet with Steven Severin



Doors open at 8:00PM, Screening starts at 9:30PM

It may not be obvious at first, but it makes perfect sense that one of the most innovative forces in alternative music would apply his talent to one of the most innovative forces in cinema. Live and in person, Steven Severin takes poetic license in presenting an avant-garde musical event steeped in the darkness and light of seductively surreal images by Jean Cocteau on screen. In Cocteau’s THE BLOOD OF A POET, a poet creates a drawing of a living mouth, which transfers to his hand when he tries to wipe it from the canvas. He then touches a statue with his afflicted hand, bringing it to life. As a punishment, the poet is condemned to walk the corridor of the Hotel of Dramatic Follies, where he spies on various tableaux directed by the statue. To properly view this Buñuel- and Dali-styled work, you need to first destroy your own ideas of what a film should be. (Worth noting are the costumes supplied by none other than Coco Chanel.)

A major influential talent in the music scene, Steven Severin formed the legendary Siouxsie and the Banshees along with Siouxsie Sioux in 1976. He was a principal songwriter and composer during the two-decade existence of a band that was a true innovator among the very few survivors of the early punk scene. (He can even claim to have performed in a short-lived band with Sid Vicious.) Since the mid-’90s, he has created solo albums, genre movie soundtracks, contributed to major papers as a journalist, written a collection of erotic prose/poetry and created compositions to accompany silent film. He has also collaborated on projects with Robert Smith of the Cure and graphic novelist Alan Moore of "Watchmen" fame. For one night only, Severin’s unique talent will grace the stage at the spectacularly nostalgic movie palace known as the Rialto Theatre as he accompanies this Surrealist classic. Also expect an additional short silent-era film, to be announced. To miss this event would be to miss your last train to dreamland.

—Philippe Spurrell

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