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Lesson 5: How to Get Away With Murder

Lesson 5: How to Get Away With Murder

World Premiere

  • Quebec 2009
  • 2 min
  • English

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Director: Megan Whitcher, Lesley Stoch, Jonathan Starr, Bryan Wilkat
Cast: Matthew Raudsepp Johnny Sa
Producers: Jonathan Starr, Lesley Stoch, Bryan Wilkat, Megan Whitcher
Print Source: BLACKCANNON Productions

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Courts métrages québécois 3   

Courts métrages québécois 3



A young man finds himself alone in the woods with a rather precarious situation. With nowhere else to turn he halfheartedly accepts the advice from a charming stranger who oddly enough, seems to know all too much about how to deal with these kinds of predicaments.
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