Canadian Premiere of Polanski-esque Belgian Thriller LEFT BANK!

July 28th, 2009 13:24:00


Pieter van Hees' LEFT BANK has been drawing accolades throughout the festival circuit over the last year as an eerie modern complement to paranoid supernatural thrillers like THE TENANT and THE WICKER MAN.

Marie is an athlete who has been put out of commission by chronic exhaustion, and her doctor's insistence that she not participate in an upcoming competition puts her into a depression she seems unlikley to climb out of - until she meets and falls in love with Bob, who invites her to move in with him on the left bank of Antwerp. But despite her passionate, all-consuming relationship with Bob, Marie soon starts to have her suspicions about his unwelcoming neighbours, and the fate of the previous tenant who mysteriously disappeared...

Van Hees is no stranger to Fantasia, his pitch-black Christmas horror comedy BLACK XXX-MAS having won an audience award at Fantasia in 1999. LEFT BANK is a significantly more subtle but affecting journey into the fantastic; the film's namesake is a historical area of Antwerp that's been rife with superstition since the Middle Ages, lending a deeper resonance to this tense, atmospheric film that ranks up with the films of Fabrice du Welz (CALVAIRE, VINYAN) as among the finest of contemporary Belgian horror.


LEFT BANK screens Tuesday July 28th at 7:20pm and again Wednesday July 29th at 5:20pm in the Salle JA de Seve.

Full details including description, images, trailer, website and more on the film page HERE.

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