Metrosexual Baking Thriller ANTIQUE lights up the Fantasia Screen!

July 27th, 2009 14:01:00


South Korean director Min Kyu-dong (MEMENTO MORI)adapts Fumi Yoshinaga's popular Japanese manga ANTIQUE BAKERY to the big screen - and it has since gone on to become one of the biggest box-office successes in Korean history!

Jin-hyeok is the dessert-hating owner of a bakery. In an attempt to salvage his business, he calls in assistance from a talented metrosexual baker who imbues all the sweets his "demonic gay charm", a mystical ability that allows him to seduce anyone, regardless of their orientation. With the help of a retired boxer and a childhood friend, Jin-hyeok soon has a success on his hands, his Antique Bakery suddenly transformed into one of the most popular destinations in all of Korea! But before you know it, a kidapping plot involving one of the bakery's regular clients threatens to undermine their success and unearth a dark secret from Jin-hyeok's past.

The first non-Japanese big--screen adaptation to follow a television drama and anime series, ANTIQUE's curious blend of comedy and mystery provides one of the year's most appetizing confections!


ANTIQUE plays Monday July 27th at 7:20pm and again on Thursday July 30th at 5:20pm, both ini the Hall Theatre.

Full details including description, images, trailer and more on the film page HERE.

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