South Korean director Yang Ik-june in person to host the Canadian Premiere of BREATHLESS

July 26th, 2009 16:06:00


Fantasia is extremely proud to present writer/director/producer and actor Yang Ik-june in person to host the Canadian Premiere of his multi-award-wining film BREATHLESS tonight at 10pm in the Hall Theatre.

Yang may be familiar from his acting turns in severeal South Korean Films (CONDUCT ZERO, HAPPY EROTIC CHRISTMAS, NO REGRET), but BREATHLESS marks his first time behind the camera - and his debut feature is a gritty, desperate, rage-filled drama that's been compared to VIOLENT COP and SONATINE-era Takeshi Kitano.

Yang plays Song-hoon, a small-time, foul-mouthed gangster and debt collector surrounded by similar scumbags who live out daily cycles of abuse and one-upmanship. But when he meets his match in a high-school girl named Yeon-hee, his misanthropy is challenged; he finds himself reaching out to people he would normally leave in the dirt. Despite his heavy past, which makes it difficult to transcend the moral margins offered by Seoul's darkest alleyways, Song-hoon finds in Yeon-hee something he's never encountered before: a chance.

An exceptional independent film about violence, hope and redemption, BREATHLESS is a film you won't want to miss.


BREATHLESS plays Sunday July 26th at 10pm in the Hall Theatre with writer/director/producer/actor Yang Ik-june in person!
Full details including description, images, trailer and more on the film page HERE.

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