Director John Weiner in person for independent time travel film CRYPTIC!

July 23rd, 2009 15:16:00


Director John Weiner appears in person tonight at 7:30pm in the Salle A de Seve for the Canadian Premiere of his brilliant independent time-travel film CRYPTIC.

A troubled 19 year old girl flippantly uses her cellphone to call her old childhood phone number, and her younger self answers. As it turns out, this is only moments before a tragic accident occurred, and she has a chance to stop it before it happens - risking the inevitable revision of her entire history from that moment on. But the events all those years ago weren't as cut and dry and they seemed, and Jesse finds herself not just re-opening old wounds, but creating fresher and more painful ones.

Like Shane Carruth's PRIMER five years ago, CRYPTIC dazzles us with smart storytelling, plausible logic and affecting performances rather than lightshows and special FX. Full of unexpected twists and turns like the best Twilight Zone episodes, it's easy to be swept up in the film's magic.

Full details on the film, including description, images, trailer and wesbite info on the film page HERE.

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