Filmmakers Simon Ennis, Joshua Peace + Jonas Bell Pasht in person for soon-to-be cult classic YOU MIGHT AS WELL LIVE

July 22nd, 2009 16:37:00


Director Simon Ennis, actor/co-writer Joshua Peace and producer Jonas Bell Pasht appear in person at Fantasia tonight to present the Canadian Premiere of their pitch-black comedy YOU MIGHT AS WELL LIVE at 9:15pm in the Salle JA de Seve.

Robert R. Mutt (Joshua Peace) is a loser of the lowest order; his neighbours think he's a creepy pervert, and his repeated failed suicide attempts have only made him a laughing stock. After being chucked out of the mental ward, he goes on a spiritual quest at a sweat lodge, where legendary farm-team baseball hero Clinton Manitoba appears to him in a vision and challenges him to get his life together. Of course, Robert R. Mutt is not like everybody else, and 'getting his life together' consists of black market organ trafficking, wearing a dildo on his face, superfluous nudity, transvestite rollerskating and finally, falling in love. With a catatonic.

YOU MIGHT AS WELL LIVE calls to mind the wacky hijinx of Savage Steve Holland (who made the contrastingly-titled BETTER OFF DEAD in 1985), but with a quiet pathos that balances the lowbrow humour. Set unapologetically in Hamilton, Ontario (between Weirdsville, Pontypool and now You Might as Well Live, Ontario is definitely being cast a strange new light lately!) this is a Canadian cult classic in the making - so don't miss your chance to see it on the big screen with the filmmakers in person!


YOU MIGHT AS WELL LIVE plays Wednesday July 22 at 9:15pm, and again on Friday July 24th at 1:00pm, both in the Salle JA de Seve. The screenings will be hosted by director Simon Ennis, actor/co-writer Joshua Peace and producer Jonas Bell Pasht.

Read Andy Mauro's great film description on the film page HERE, where you can also see the trailer, the official website and more.

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