Cerebral Sci-Fi spotlight continues with the highly-anticipated CANARY

July 21st, 2009 12:13:00


Fantasia's Cerebral Sci-Fi Spotlight Series continues with Alejandro Adams' CANARY a chilling independent feature set in a near-future where organ transplants and 'redistribution' are the daily business of young upstart company Canary Industries. With handheld camera and a cast of unknowns so convincing that the film feels like a documentary, we experience several threads of the story coming together to reveal a vast conspiracy with troubling moral implications.

The film is still relatively young in its festival life, but audiences are already buzzing about it, making CANARY one of the most highly-anticipated indie films of this year's Fantasia.

CANARY plays on Tuesday July 21 at 7:35pm and again on Wednesday July 22 at 5:00pm, both in the Salle JA de Seve.
It is preceded by Dominic Bisignano's short film FROM BURGER IT CAME.

Full details, including description, images, trailer, website and more on the film page HERE.

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