Canadian Premiere of Latest JOHNNIE TO production TACTICAL UNIT: COMRADES IN ARMS

July 20th, 2009 13:56:00


Law Wing-Cheong directs the latest instalment in the popular TACTICAL UNIT series spun off from Johnnie To's PTU (2003). Two head-butting teams of officers in Hong Kong's Tactical Unit are about to be disbanded when they are called on a manhunt far up in the mountains to capture a highly organized and extremely dangerous gang of criminals.

To may not be in the director's chair, but the finished film shows signs of his handiwork, with the trademark high tension and multi-dimensional characters of earlier films such as A HERO NEVER DIES, THE MISSION or BREAKING NEWS, as well as staple To actors Simon Yam and Lam Suet (my favourite HK bit player and frequent provider of comic relief).

TACTICAL UNIT: COMRADES IN ARMS plays Monday July 20 at 9:50pm, and again Tuesday July 21 at 5:40pm , both in the Salle A de Seve. The film is a proud component of our Hong Kong Cinema: 100 Years Spotlight Series.
Full details, including description, images, trailer and more on the film page HERE.

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