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Fantasia's Pink Film Spotlight Series continues on Monday July 20 with a double bill of Rei Sakamoto's YARIMAN (2008) and Shuji Kataoka's campy S+M HUNTER (1986) at 7:15pm in the Salle JA de Seve. The films play again on Thursday July 23 at 2:40pm, also in the Salle JA de Seve.

S+M HUNTER is the most audacious film in the Pinku retrospective, complete with a black-clad anti-hero who looks like a cross between Indiana Jones and Captain Harlock, a cowboy approach to bondage roping (that results in some impossibly intricate webbing), totally inappropriate use of Nazi iconography, totally inappropriate use of Catholic iconography, a vicious, oversexed 50’s-style girl gang and much, much more.

The titular S+M Hunter is a master at the art of seduction through erotic bondage - no woman can resist his ropes! When he is approached by misogynistic masochist to rescue his weakling boyfriend, who has been kidnapped by a man-hating girl gang called The Bombers (a nod to Walter Hill's STREETS OF FIRE) to use as their personal sex toy, S+M Hunter obliges. As it turns out, he has a history with the leader of The Bombers - and they have unfinished business.

A delightfully silly example of the extreme ends of the pinku genre spectrum, S+M HUNTER’s coloured gel aesthetic and seedy nightclub setting recalls the Japanese exploitation classics of the late 60s and early 70s - films like Kinji Fukasaku's BLACK LIZARD or FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION - but with a showy ridiculousness that is pure 1980s. The film will be introduced by Jasper Sharp, author of BEHIND THE PINK CURTAIN: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF JAPANESE SEX CINEMA from FAB Press.

- Kier-La Janisse

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