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Feature Films : Books of Blood, Reels of Pain: Clive Barker

Books of Blood, Reels of Pain: Clive Barker Last summerís festival was home to the World Premiere of RyŻhei Kitamuraís adaptation of Clive Barkerís MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN. Following up on this, this summerís Fantasia will be the site of two launches of hotly anticipated adaptations of the celebrated British authorís work: Anthony DiBlasiís DREAD (World Premiere), and John Harrisonís BOOK OF BLOOD (North American Premiere).

Both films are adaptations of material from Barker's groundbreaking BOOKS OF BLOOD short story collections. Both filmmakers will be in town to host their respective screenings.

  • Book of Blood

    Book of Blood

    England 2009 | 100 min

    English language

  • Dread


    Usa 2009 | 90 min

    English language

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