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Feature Films : José Mojica Marins: A lifetime achievement award for Brazil's godfather of the fantastic

José Mojica Marins: A lifetime achievement award for Brazil's godfather of the fantasticFantasia will be giving a well-earned lifetime achievement award to Brazilian filmmaker José Mojica Marins (infamous for his Coffin Joe films). Marins’ furiously subversive anti-religion/anti-government interpretation of the genre took shape in the midst of a brutal dictatorship and remains wholly without parallel.

Over his nearly half-century-long career, he has created some of the most inspired, inflammatory and hallucinatory imagery in the history of fantastic cinema. His Coffin Joe character is equal parts the Marquis De Sade, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Salvador Dali and Friedrich Nietzsche, channeled through a love for confrontational horror films and the darkest of carnivalesque spook show iconography.

Fantasia will also be the site of the Canadian Premiere of Marins’ radical and critically acclaimed comeback film EMBODIMENT OF EVIL (ENCARNAÇÃO DO DEMÔNIO), which launched at the Venice Film Festival, and has been blowing minds across the world over the past months (Stockholm Film Festival, Sitges, Rotterdam).

Marins will be in town for the occasion, his 2nd visit to Fantasia following his legendary appearance at our 2001 show. Also present will be award-winning LOVE FROM MOTHER ONLY director Dennison Ramalho, who co-wrote EMBODIMENT OF EVIL with Marins, and will be in town to serve double-duty as president of our International Short Film Competition jury.

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