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Feature Films : Classic Daikaiju Special

Classic Daikaiju SpecialEd Godziszewski, host of Fantasia’s CLASSIC DAIKAIJU SPECIAL, has served as the editor and publisher of JAPANESE GIANTS magazine since 1977, and is the author/publisher of the acclaimed 1995 book THE ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GODZILLA. Ed was one of the first American fans invited to tour both Toho Studios and Tsuburaya Productions in Japan. He has visited Japan numerous times, has met and interviewed many tokusatsu filmmakers and has had the opportunity to observe special effects filming for several films and TV productions. Ed provided the DVD commentary for the British Film Institute release of GODZILLA (1954) and Classic Media’s Godzilla DVD collection, producing several extra features in addition to three commentary tracks. Together with Steve Ryfle, Ed also co-wrote and produced BRINGING GODZILLA DOWN TO SIZE: THE ART OF JAPANESE SPECIAL EFFECTS. Most recently, Ed co-produced audio commentary for Sony's upcoming DVD release of ICONS OF SCI-FI: TOHO COLLECTION, a set featuring the Ishiro Honda/Eiji Tsuburaya classics MOTHRA, THE H-MAN, and BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE.

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