Montréal le lendemain (Atelier K)

  • Quebec 2008
  • 17 min
  • French

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Director: Jules Saulnier
Cast: Jean-Robert Quirion Charles-Olivier Bleau Marie-Claude St-Laurent
Producers: Jules Saulnier, François Toussaint
Distributor: Kino'00

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Courts métrages québécois 4   

Courts métrages québécois 4


Even though he just turned 25, Dominic spends most of his days with his old buddy, Félix. Their favorite game: warping around Montreal in a parallel dimension of their invention, called "Intervalle". As they begin mapping the complex network they are slowly uncovering, Dominic realizes he'll have to put an end to his slacker years, as he prepares to move in with his girlfriend, Véronique.

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