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Montreal Premiere

  • USA 2008
  • 85 min
  • HD
  • English
WINNER: Special Jury Prize for Best Feature Film, Gérardmer Fantastic Film Festival 2009
Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival 2009
Official Selection: Calgary Underground Film Festival 2009
Official Selection: San Francisco International Film Festival 2009

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"Like ORDINARY PEOPLE meets THE ICE STORM meets ROSEMARY’S BABY... very much the antidote to what plagues most of the horror genre today" —Heather Wixson, DREAD CENTRAL

"Crosses our taboo lines over and over again... I feel confident that GRACE will be the best horror film to come out this year" — Whitney Borup, FILM THREAT

"This is not a horror film that feels like it comes from a first-timer. But perhaps a "new guy" is the only one who'd tackle such a risky concept" — Scott Weinberg, FEAR.NET


Director: Paul Solet
Screenplay: Paul Solet
Cast: Jordan Ladd, Samantha Ferris, Gabrielle Rose, Malcom Stewart, Stephen Park
Producers: Ingo Vollkammer, Cory Neal, Adam Green, Kevin DeWalt
Distributor: Anchor Bay

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The Ugly File   

The Ugly File

Canadian Premiere
2009 | 10 min
English language


According to estimates, the first-year cost of having a baby can be upwards of $10,000, including diapers, formula, clothing, furniture, transportation and medical costs. What does this have to do with the film GRACE, you ask? Well, let’s just say that the titular little bastard takes sucking your parents dry to a whole new level! Produced by Adam Green (HATCHET), GRACE is the debut feature from Paul Solet. It begins with the heartwarming and hilarious story of Madeline and Michael as they prepare to have their first child. Being upwardly mobile Gen-Xers, they feel guilty about nearly everything, including eating meat, drinking milk and driving cars. Being predisposed to anything labeled “natural,” they of course seek a midwife to deliver their baby. Up to this point, if you have the slightest bone to pick with the yuppie-hippie type, you’ll be in stitches.

Not to blame the midwife in the film, but it’s a fair bet that, based on the horrific outcome of this particular pregnancy, viewers of GRACE who are expecting children are likely to run screaming to the cold antiseptic embrace of a hospital when their water breaks. Since the twist comes early and the movie is devoted to playing it out, we won’t spoil it here. Suffice it to say, during its running time, GRACE evokes the mental collapse of Polanski’s REPULSION and the birthing body horror of Cronenberg’s THE FLY and THE BROOD, and breaks its own ground in its willingness to explore and depict postnatal horror (and I don’t just mean more visits from the in-laws). For viewers who have yet to take the leap to having children, GRACE will be a surefire ocular contraceptive. To those that are pregnant at the time of this screening, we advise putting GRACE in the same category as booze, cigarettes, sushi and coat hangers.

—Andy Mauro

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