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Embodiment of Evil

(Encarnaçăo do Demônio)
Sponsored by: Rue Morgue

Canadian Premiere

  • Brazil 2008
  • 93 min
  • 35mm
  • Portugese with English subtitles
Canadian Premiere, hosted by director/co-writer/star José Mojica Marins and co-writer Dennison Ramalho

WINNER: Carnet Jove Jury Award, Sitges International Film Festival 2008
Official Selection, Venice International Film Festival 2008
Official Selection, Stockholm International Film Festival 2008
Official Selection, Los Angeles International Film Festival 2009

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"Nothing short of mind-blowing" — Debi Moore, DREAD CENTRAL

"Unique... surreal... a delirious and unforgettable trip" — BRUSSELS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL


Director: José Mojica Marins
Screenplay: José Mojica Marins, Dennison Ramalho
Cast: Cristina Aché, Raymond Castile, Eduardo Chagas, Milhem Cortaz, Cleo de Paris
Producers: Caio Gullane, Fabiano Gullane, Débora Ivanov, Paulo Sacramento
Distributor: Horizon Motion Pictures Inc.


“Higher than God. Lower than Satan. ” José Mojica Marins’ demonically anticipated comeback of Zé do Caixăo (otherwise known as Coffin Joe) is finally coming to Canada! For the unfamiliar, Marins created the Zé character in the midst of—and as an incendiary reaction to—a brutal Brazilian state dictatorship. A godless undertaker who terrorized his community, Zé is equal parts the Marquis De Sade, Salvador Dali and Friedrich Nietzsche, channelled through a love for confrontational horror cinema and the darkest of carnivalesque spook-show iconography. Furiously anti-Church and anti-law, Marins’ interpretation of the genre remains wholly without parallel. Over his nearly half-century-long career, he has created some of the most inspired, inflammatory and hallucinatory imagery in the history of horror cinema.

EMBODIMENT OF EVIL cleverly explains Zé ‘s absence over the years by opening with the character being released from prison after serving decades of time for the crimes depicted in earlier films! Let loose in a very changed world, Zé immediately picks up where he left off, recruiting a legion of followers from Brazil’s disenfranchised masses. He may now be in his seventies, but Zé’s lifelong obsession to locate the perfect woman to continue his bloodline with has not faded in the slightest. Potential candidates are put through a jaw-dropping array of... personal tests. Meanwhile, a fascist military man and his civilian-slaughtering henchmen are hot on his trail, along with an extremely deranged priest who has more than a passing understanding of the pleasures that can come through pain. Whether or not he’s killed by his enemies, time is running out for Zé, and he lives his life accordingly. And you likely know what that means!

More than 45 years after the underbelly of Brazilian cinema was re-carved in his image, Marins has been blessed with the biggest budget ever afforded to him, giving him access to larger, crazier sets and state of the art special effects through which he could unleash his most twisted of visions. This is also the first time that Marins has made a film entirely free of censorial constraints. There will be moments when you absolutely will not believe what you’re seeing! Grotesquery and surrealism abound, drenched in sex, poetry, blasphemy and blood. Spiders crawl over torsos both living and dead, Zé takes a fantastical journey through a giant uterus, hooks tear flesh, bodies tear in half. Politically charged and unrepentantly transgessive. co-scripted by LOVE FROM MOTHER ONLY director Dennison Ramalho, EMBODIMENT OF EVIL marks the return of a wildly unique maverick of the fantastic, rougher, freakier, more perverse than he’s ever been before. Your blackest prayers are about to be answered.

—Mitch Davis

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