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International Premiere

  • USA 2009
  • 93 min
  • HD
  • English/german/russian/vietnamese
International Premiere
Official Selection, Cinequest 2009

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"This second feature by Alejandro Adams confirms him as an arresting talent" - Dennis Harvey, VARIETY

"Consistently fascinating, even where it purposefully attempts to distance the viewer... successfully blends thought-provoking, as opposed to preachy, social commentary with novel forms of visual storytelling" - Rodney Perkins, TWITCH

"Terrific...very creepy and uncanny... quite an achievement" - Phillip Lopate, author of AMERICAN MOVIE CRITICS


Director: Alejandro Adams
Screenplay: Alejandro Adams
Cast: Carla Pauli, Eli Kramer, Larissa Kasian, Jennifer Latch, Galen Howard
Producers: Alejandro Adams, Marya Adams, Amanda Davis, Marya Murphy
Distributor: Canary Industries

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Vers les étoiles : Cerebral Science Fiction Cinema   

Vers les étoiles : Cerebral Science Fiction Cinema

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From Burger It Came

Montreal Premiere
2008 | 7 min
English language


Anyone out there need an organ transplant? If you answered “yes,” we’re here to help you! Canary Industries is a new medical company totally dedicated to the wellbeing of those in need. Every day since its inception, our dynamic team of devoted professionals improves the lives of their clients by providing the organ they need to rebuild their lives. All they must do is respect the agreement in the contract they’ve signed. You see, at Canary Industries, we strongly believe that health is first and foremost a responsibility. Should a patient abuse the organ so generously provided, we reserve the right to reclaim it.

In the near future, the employees of an organ-redistribution agency go about their uneventful daily duties. Between meetings with patients and small talk in the office, they bask in the easygoing happiness brought by the success of their young business. One of them, however, doesn’t seem to share the general enthusiasm. Always at the margins of the team, the secretive young woman handles an unusual task for the company. She tails passersby in the street, sometimes even entering their homes. Ever silent, she observes them and nothing more. During these surveillance sessions, she keeps her eye on a family of European immigrants, a teenaged couple, a single mother and her daughter, among others. These folks all seem entirely unaware of the Canary Industries agent’s presence—and of the dire, clandestine designs she represents.

At a time when organ transplants are a hot topic, independent filmmaker Alejandro Adams has fashioned a daring and challenging science-fiction film on the subject. Bypassing the conventions of traditional cinema, Adams emulates the experiments of Steven Soderbergh, employing a handheld camera and a cast of unknowns, the latter delivering such natural performances that one often has the uneasy sense that CANARY is in fact a documentary. Following a narrative structure recalling Claire Denis’s L’INTRUS, CANARY unfurls in a fragmentary fashion that, once assembled, reveals a host of individuals trapped by a treacherous conspiracy. An uncomfortable commentary on the necessity of human cruelty, the troubling notions in this remarkable cinematic effort will linger long after its final moments.

—Simon Laperrière (translated by Rupert Bottenberg)

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