Mr Wire’s Nostalgia

Mr Wire’s Nostalgia

(La Nostalgia del Sr. Alambre)

North american Premiere

  • Mexico 2008
  • 13 min
  • video
  • Spanish with English subtitles

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Director: Jonathan Ostos Yaber
Screenplay: Jonathan Ostos Yaber
Producers: Irma Yaber

Part of...

Outer Limits of Animation 2009   

Outer Limits of Animation 2009


A shadow puppet artist, will find out what fame is all about, in a journey that will make him decide between what he loves and what he desires most.

His show will begin as a curious accident, but soon he´ll find out that the wire puppets he has always created will give him, and the people from the town where he lives, great joy and satisfactions. His show starts to grow and, with the help of his smart and beautiful girlfriend, he will have to face the biggest and most difficult decision of his life, to keep performing in his small and cozy town or to adventure in to the big city and give the biggest spectacle he has ever made, or so he thought.
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