God of Tears

God of Tears

Montreal Premiere

  • USA 2009
  • 20 min
  • video

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Director: Max Margulies & Naoko Masuda
Producers: Sam Margulies

Part of...

Outer Limits of Animation 2009   

Outer Limits of Animation 2009


A God lives by himself on a desolate planet. He is lonely. Everyday he cries tears that transform into rain for the planet below him. This rain brings rainbows. The people of this planet live happily, consuming only rainbows. One day, the God meets a cat. His loneliness fades away and the flow of tears ends. The rainbows stop growing, and people start starving to death. The God must do something about it....

Sacrificial death, bloodflow, and fountains of milk abound in this live-action and stop-motion animation hybrid.
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