Over the River and through the Higher dimensions

Over the River and through the Higher dimensions

World Premiere

  • USA 2009
  • 8 min
  • video
  • English

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Director: Dillon Markey
Screenplay: Dillon Markey
Cast: Ruth Hosty & Dillon Markey
Producers: Dillon Markey

Part of...

Celluloid Experiments 2009   

Celluloid Experiments 2009


Dillon's Gramma has built him a teleporter. Using a variety of animation techniques, including stop motion wire sculptures, an etch-a-sketch animator, CGI, fingernail clippings, and a realistic, life-cast stop motion puppet of Dillon's head, Gramma explains that the machine will transpose him out of the dimensions in which he exists and into a different combination of dimensions in order to put him back down at the same point in time and a new point in space. The film explores the nature of the universe as it is becoming understood in the vast unknown of cosmology today, and attempts to rationalize and explain these new concepts of reality using whimsical visual metaphors (string theory is depicted with wire sculpture animation). Ultimately, Dillon uses his Gramma's teleporter to explore the furthest reaches of the universe...but to what end???
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