6 courts de TIND

6 courts de TIND

(6 Shorts From TIND)
  • Quebec 2009
  • 8 min
  • video

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Director: TIND

Part of...

Celluloid Experiments 2009   

Celluloid Experiments 2009


thisisnotdesign is a Montreal art group formed by artists and art professionals. Active since 2001, TIND is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to promote new talents emerging from the cultural scene, more precisely in the field of arts and new technologies. TIND is composed of video artists, VJs, DJs, designers, audio visual artists, programmers, archivists, art history specialist in the field of video installation and web art and of many collaborators that come from the young artistic scene of video artists and VJs of Quebec. This year, Celluloid Experiments presents six of their newest micro-shorts:
"symbiose" (1 :05), "je" (0 :59),"trame012 (1 :00), "transit remix" (1:00), "déception" (1:35) et
"une forêt..." (1:00).
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