S&M Hunter

  • Japan 1986
  • 60 min
  • video
  • Japanese with English subtitles

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Director: Shuji Kataoka
Cast: Shiro Shimomoto, Hiromi Saotome, Naomi Sugishita
Distributor: Pink Eiga

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Behind the Pink Curtain

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(Bara) Ya.Ri.Ma.n
2008 | 65 min
Japanese language, English subtitles


A misogynist goes to a dungeon where he takes out his frustration on a woman dressed as nun. After a bit of psychoanalysis, the dungeon master tells him that he is not a sadist but a masochist. The dungeon master then presents him with the ultimate sadist: S&M Hunter. Dressed like Indiana Jones with a designer eyepatch, the S&M Hunter is a master of the art of seduction through use of ropes. The S&M Hunter is so skilled at the art that he can wrap a body in a complex set of knots and patterns, including giant spider-like webs. Eventually, the misogynist reveals that an all-female gang named the Bombers kidnapped his boyfriend. The Bombers, who looked like they stepped out of a stage production of GREASE, are lead by a man-hater who has a secret history with the S&M Hunter. Where does this all lead? It leads to a battle of the super-sadists with the S&M Hunter employing a crane truck to pull off his ultimate rope trick.

As the above description suggests, S&M HUNTER is berserk and lots of fun. Much of the film is obviously being played for laughs but the way the film informally tosses around taboo ideas and imagery is captivating. For example, a scene leading up to the final faceoff begins with a character unexpectedly dressing up in a German World War II officer’s uniform and posing in front of a German flag. The film is so over-the-top that it will either immediately grab the viewer’s attention or send the viewer away in a fit of rage (or annoyance). Those who want to dive into the extreme end of the pinku pool will definitely want to investigate S&M HUNTER.

—Rodney Perkins

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