You Might As Well Live

Canadian Premiere

  • Canada 2009
  • 78 min
  • 35mm
  • English
Official selection, Slamdance 2009

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Director: Simon Ennis
Screenplay: Simon Ennis, Joshua Peace
Cast: Joshua Peace, Michael Madsen, Stephen McHattie
Producers: Jonas Bell Pasht, Ari Lantos
Distributor: Les Films Séville/E1

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Flirting with Chaos   

Flirting with Chaos


Robert R. Mutt (Joshua Peace) is constantly accused by his town's residents of being a douchebag, a pervert and a suicide-obsessed loser who even manages to repeatedly fail at killing himself. After being unceremoniously thrown out of the asylum where he'd been recovering from his latest failed suicide attempt, Mutt finds himself on a sweat-lodge vision quest, hallucinating famed farm-team baseball hero Clinton Manitoba (Michael Madsen), who tells him that to "be somebody" he has to get a girl, some money and a championship ring. This challenge sets Mutt on an adventure where he has a lengthy full-frontal footrace, parties with a dildo strapped to his face, delivers black market organs, rollerskates with a transvestite, falls in love with a catatonic and ends up on the wrong side of an adult circumcision.

If Harmony Korine made NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and set it in the bleakest parts of Hamilton, Ontario, YOU MIGHT AS WELL LIVE could have been the result. The comparison to a hopeless film like GUMMO only tells half the story though, since YOU MIGHT AS WELL LIVE manages to also be both consistently hilarious and genuinely uplifting. Make no mistake, YOU MIGHT AS WELL LIVE is the kind of movie that will have you gasping at how many times it crosses the line of good taste in its brief running time. At one scatological low point of the film, the audience will only be able to marvel at the depraved lengths director Simon Ennis is willing to go to for a laugh. Poop jokes aside, the sweetness and purity of the characters inhabiting the underbelly of Riverside/Hamilton, Ontario are definitely more Wes Anderson than Larry Clark, which goes a long way towards sanitizing the grimier elements of the movie. Despite having made absolutely no concessions to being commercial, YOU MIGHT AS WELL LIVE is slated for a theatrical release. But take our word for it, you won't want to wait that long to see this Canadian cult comedy classic in the making.

—Andy Mauro

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