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  • Quebec 2008
  • 105 min
  • video
  • French
Hosted by co-directors Jean-Mathieu Bérubé and Carlo Harrietha

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Director: Jean-Mathieu Bérubé, Carlo Harrietha
Screenplay: Jean-Mathieu Bérubé, Carlo Harrietha, Nathalie Milijour, Maxime Lapointe & Martin Prénoveau
Cast: Danielle Hubbard, Serge Laprade, Patrick Goneau, Vicko Y.Konza,
Producers: Jean-Mathieu Bérubé, Carlo Harrietha
Distributor: En Pleine Face


For the last five years, Pat the Truncheon, aka the Brains, has worked for the most badass crook in town, Costa. Wanting out of the sleazy racket, Pat steals $400,000 and hightails it far out of town with the loot. Bad idea number one. Unable to resist temptation, he plans to kidnap the daughter of a former snitch who has just inherited $3 million. Bad idea number two. To pull it off, he hooks up with a gang of former associates who drown their pre-job jitters in floods of hard drugs and alcohol. Yet another bad idea. The kidnapped girl has links to organized crime, which sends out a band of ninjas after the criminals. What follows is a gleeful, lightning-paced onslaught of violent, gore-filled mayhem, morbid humour, hallucinatory episodes, animated sequences and thrilling choreography. To complicate matters, Costa has tracked down Pat!

CUL-DE-$AC is the first feature film self-produced by Jean-Mathieu Bérubé (JIB) and Carlo Harrietha. The film is an extravaganza of stunts and special effects, a tour de force that took six years to shoot and required 127 volunteers and a $30,000 budget. It makes no apologies, mashing up genres like urban gangster movies and martial arts flicks with relish. For the occasion, the filmmakers founded the collective les Productions En Pleine Face, made up of volunteers from the circus, animation, television, costume design, contemporary dance, pyrotechnics and music fields. The result is a heady stew of theatre arts, different fighting styles and stage techniques galore. Fight scenes are choreographed by real martial artists. The eclectic and over-the-top production features dreamlike flights and an escalation of blood-soaked deaths. The approach is decidedly hardcore with a sense of fun and the spectacular. As proof, the film stars Serge Laprade as Costa, one of the most violent psychopaths in the history of Québec movies! “It’s from Québec,” says Jean-Mathieu Bérubé, “it’s funny and it’s in your face!”

—Marc Lamothe

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